Musical card to order with high-quality and long-lasting sound


We offer the production of a musical card with a high-quality and long-lasting sound, with an individual design and the ability to record an individual melody.

A musical card is made using expensive and high-quality components that allow you to record and play back the recording with maximum quality and long-lasting sound. And as a result, such a gift will cause the most positive feelings and emotions.

The melody is played when the postcard is opened. The design of the postcard is developed individually, taking into account the wishes of the Customer, the layout is pre-agreed by e-mail. And you can also provide your layout. Musical card format is standard A5 (148.5 * 210 mm), execution can be horizontal or vertical. The sound file is provided by the Customer in the file format *.mp3, the size of a file or several files can be up to 2 GB. The card uses a battery that can be recharged as needed. Duration of charging up to 2 hours (use a power supply unit with an output current of 0.5A). The postcard is packed in a transparent polypropylene bag.

Materials used: thick paper with a high-quality color print, glossy film coating, magnets, electronic sound module 2GB with USB cable, transparent polypropylene bag.
Production time – 2-3 days.

The musical greeting card can be sent by postal services anywhere in the world. The cost of the postcard is indicated excluding shipping costs.

Attention! The melody is provided by the customer and is fully responsible to third parties for the right to use it.


A musical card to order with high-quality and long-lasting sound for the most worthy people: loved ones, relatives, friends, and can also be an excellent gift for the vip-person, head of the company, work colleagues and selected clients.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 2 cm